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Director of Operations

Chelsea Byers is a community organizer and social impact strategist. She’s an ongoing contributor to Beautiful Trouble: Toolbox for Revolution where she studies, supports, and showcases campaigning at the intersection of arts and politics within social movements around the globe. As a Westside renter, Chelsea is dedicated to building people power in support of eradicating the root causes driving LA’s homelessness and housing affordability crisis through United Way’s Everyone In campaign. Her life-long activism with the anti-war and anti-sexual violence movements has led her to work with and through media to raise the profile on critical and overlooked issues, create activist training camps and advocacy programs ushering thousands of people into resistance and solutions work, and put her body on the line for justice. Before moving to Los Angeles, Chelsea worked as Director of Arizona's Coconino County Democratic Party through the 2014 mid-term cycle. Chelsea serves on the board of Abundant Housing Los Angeles and is the Vice President of Westside Young Democrats.

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